Procedures for Records Disposal


Procedures for Records Disposal

Procedures for Records Disposal


One of the most important aspects of records management includes having the proper knowledge of how to dispose of documents.  New laws have made it harder for businesses to simply get rid of old files.  Nowadays, there are regulations a company must comply with.  Failure to do so may result in heavy fines. 


You certainly don’t want to utilize needed space on your hard drive. So the logical thing to do is dispose of unnecessary files as they no longer serve a purpose.  Keep in mind that most businesses are required to maintain records for an extended period of time.  Thus, part of records management entails making a decision on whether to archive or destroy the documentation or records.    


Keeping this in mind, it’s important that you develop a strategy to purge obsolete records.  This is something you ought to do at the beginning, when you and your staff are going through the records management training phase.  If you still maintain paper files, contact one of the enterprises dedicated to shredding large volumes of documents.  It’s vital that you check out the company’s credentials to ensure they’re respectable.  If any confidential information were to fall into the wrong hands, your company could face serious consequences.  Remember that those files may contain people’s names, addresses and account information.  Consider purging files on a regular basis to avoid a big expense. 


As a business, you should also have certain records management procedures in place.  These should include having a list of the individuals who are allowed to approve the disposal of records.  And furthermore, once you convert your paper documents to electronic format, create a second list of people who will get rid of those original records.  Make sure you keep a schedule of when the changes take place as the State may require you to provide evidence of when and why you disposed of important items. 


If you’re planning on destroying the electronic records in house rather than hire a records management company to do so, make certain not to discard them in the regular trash containers.  You may opt for erasing the data with electromagnetic devices.  This will allow you to reutilize or re-format the media, thus saving you money so you will not have to be afraid of locksmith stoke newington.  


As you can see, records management is a serious undertaking.  With the proper precautions, you’ll maintain the integrity of your business and avoid any legal problems.


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